Prof Gosh

Prof. Sudipto Ghosh delivering lecture in Quantum Physics and Conciousness Conference

This Summer School is dedicated to our beloved Prof. Sudipto Ghosh. Prof. Sudipto Ghosh, a gentleman of brilliant personality, possessed many interesting qualities, be it as a scientist, as a teacher, as a mentor, as a spiritual seeker or as a loving friend. Being the son of the renowned Professor Ahindra Ghosh, ex-faculty from the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, he was brought up at the IIT Kanpur campus itself. He had a very outstanding academic career. Starting from his preschool education up to his Phd., his entire education was completed within the IIT Kanpur campus. He started his early childhood education in Kendriya Vidyalaya housed within the campus, and then went on to receive his B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) in 1990, M.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) in 1992 and Ph.D. (Metallurgical Engineering) in 2000 from IIT Kanpur. It is very interesting to note that even though he studied Metallurgical Engineering, he loved Physics very much. He served as a scientist in the ‘Process Modeling Group’ at Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) located in Pune for around six years (February, 1998 - June, 2004), and his contributions at TRDDC were highly appreciated. However, because of his passion towards teaching and research, he joined the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at IIT Kharagpur as an Assistant Professor in July 2004: and, subsequently, through his hard work and diligence, he became Associate Professor in January 2009 and then Professor in May 2015. He left the mortal world on 7th January 2020.

Prof. Ghosh was a genuine researcher involved in many diversified fields of study. He exclusively worked on mathematical modeling of materials’ processes (particularly solidification and high temperature deformation processing at different length scales), continuous casting and casting of bulk nano-composites, nano-fluids, mechanical behavior of materials and new materials for batteries. As a part of his collaborative research works, he visited highly reputed institutions and universities, such as Georgia Tech, USA: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, etc. He was affiliated to many national and international professional associations and societies. He had also organized several national and international conferences. Prof. Ghosh published 131 Articles in peer-reviewed journals and had 4 patents to his credit. He actively finished guiding 12 Ph.D. students and had been guiding other Ph.D. students even during the period of his frailing health, prior to his heartbreaking demise. He was also involved with a number of sponsored Research & Development projects since the beginning of his career at IIT Kharagpur. He had also co-authored a book titled "A Textbook of Metallurgical Kinetics” along with his father Prof. Ahindra Ghosh.

Prof Gosh

Prof. Sudipto Ghosh discussing with delgates in the Conference

Prof. Ghosh was not only a very good teacher and researcher but was also a very charming personality and an embodiment of many splendid qualities. To mention a few, he was a great philosopher, a good singer, an excellent motivator, a continuous learner and a good cook, among others. He emerged first in the state-level tabla competition when he was in Grade 9 and was awarded the Gold Medal from Sangeet Natak Academy, Uttar Pradesh, in this regard. He was also active at a flying club as a licenced Glider Pilot. He could make friends with everyone or inspire anyone at any time with his loving personality and thought-provoking ideas. He was always ready to learn anything new and was constantly fascinated by Physics even when his health condition had deteriorated. He was at all times soft-spoken and was able to handle with ease highly demanding circumstances in the office, with students, or during mega events, such as conferences. He had an amicable attitude towards his students, colleagues and staff members.

Prof Gosh

Prof. Sudipto Ghosh sharing his valuable thoughts in the Conference

The spiritual transformation in the life of Prof. Ghosh started when he met the Founding Director of Bhaktivedanta Institute, scientist-saint Dr. T. D. Singh (His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami), who himself was a scientist with a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, USA. After their meeting at Kanpur, Prof. Ghosh took immense interest in the thoughts on the ‘Synthesis of Science and Spirituality’ that was conveyed by Dr. Singh, and later accepted Dr. Singh as his spiritual master. Prof. Ghosh was trained personally by Dr. Singh for more than 12 years. They have authored several articles on ‘Science and Spirituality’ together. Despite having a very hectic and demanding schedule, Prof. Ghosh was always eager to render voluntary services with great sincerity to the mission of the Bhaktivedanta Institute for the legacy of his beloved spiritual master. He was a Board Member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. His depth of understanding on science and spirituality was phenomenal and, because of this, he was able to inspire several students, scientists, professors of elite academic and research institutions to imbibe the elements of spirituality in their professional careers in order to lead a balanced life of growth in scientific temperament and spiritual wisdom.

In summary, as an able academician, researcher, teacher and a spiritualist, Prof. Ghosh is a role model for many of us at present and for the future to come. Despite his ailing physical health, his commitment and dedication towards the mission of the Bhaktivedanta Institute has been and will always be a wonderful example for many to follow. He has left behind many fond memories to be treasured and from which we can get inspiration.